Friday, November 7, 2008

Kornati Islands National Park, Croatia

Nacionalni Park Kornati

the sender writes, 'This postcard is from the seaside (region Dalmatia). This looks like dunes, and is a National Park, "Kornati Islands". It is a phenomenon because it is the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean.

postmarked in 2008 with two Republika Hrvatska (Croatia) stamps

some additional information:
KORNATI ISLANDS is a group of about 130 islands, islets and reefs sprinkled in the deep blue sea of the Adriatic covering an area of about 64 sq km. The Kornati archipelago is in Dalmatia, a coastal region of Croatia just across the cities of Zadar and Sibenik. The largest island is Kornat from which the archipelago takes its name. Apart from a tiny area of cultivated land with fig trees, olives and vineyards, Kornati islands are rocky, covered with thin grass, rare trees and Mediterranean scrubs. The Kornati have no permanent inhabitants, although the present owners from nearby larger Dalmatian islands periodically visit Kornati to tend their vineyards and olive groves, bringing their sheep to graze. The sea around the islands is rich with fish and a variety of marine life.

The islands have no spring water, only rainwater collected in waterholes. The unique feature of the islands lies in their rugged shores with many caves and coves. The landscape of chalk limestone is covered with bushes of rosemary, juniper, lavender, thyme, myrtle and sage.

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