Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pan Am Collector Postcards of Vintage Travel Posters

Pan American Airways System

From a set of 20 postcards 1930's-2006 (2 each of 10 different cards)

Pan Am Collector Postcards of Vintage Travel Posters

Pan Am has defined modern air travel by shaping airline services since its early days.
Pan Am perfected the craft of offering passengers the ultimate flying experience. From the late 30's to the mid 60's, Pan Am was the benchmark in luxury travel & coined the term "jet-setting". During this time, Pan Am represented the sophistication & class that only the world's premier airline could offer.

Copyright - 2006


iPost said...

Gorgeous! My favorite is the one with the globe and the Paris one pulling a close second. Do you pick up cards at shows and antique shops, or do people mail these to you?

9teen87 said...

My favorite is the globe too.

I bought this set at a book store. But I have many friends and relatives that send me cards (they all know I collect. I do MANY private swaps through postcrossing. I have a link to cards I offer here...

I also love antique stores for buying postcards. Once in a while I'll buy one from an on-line auction. But for the most part, they are overpriced. So I really, really have to like the card to buy from them.