Monday, May 26, 2008

Adris Apse - New Zealand Panoramic

Adris Apse - New Zealand Wide Panoramic shot
Green rolling pastures at Tahora, in the King Country are the base for our primary industries wool, meat and butter.
postmarked in 2007 with $1.50 'Arrowtown' New Zealand stamp

The hills are so green in this postcard, they almost don't look real! - Very beautiful card


iPost said...

Wow! Is that an actual photograph or is it a drawing? Gorgeous card! How do you keep your cards? Boxes? Albums?

9teen87 said...

It is an actual photograph, and an AMAZING photo for sure!

I keep my collection in archive safe boxes by categories. So the first words of the title are the category you would find the card in.

Thank you for the comment ;-)